SEO is a never ending and continuously changing process. Over the years we have seen so many changes in Google algorithms and certain people started believing that with so much volatile ranking patterns, SEO has become somehow obsolete. And you don’t need to be Neil Patel or Brian to understand that. Just this list will clear some air and vent out such negative thoughts about SEO.

1. SEO in 2021- A Long-Term Game

SEO is not just about getting good rankings and ratings for a short time or the time being. It has always been a long-term thing, but today the competition and website crowd is so high that timeline seems to stretch even farther. By every passing year, It seems that rankings, and traffic from rankings, are taking much long time to show desired results. Domain Authority plays an important and deciding role in this. If you closely study any keyword result trends you’ll notice the rankings tend to be dominated by authority sites. Google believe these sites as a trusted source of information and hence it rates these sites high in ranking.  According to a study by Ahref, almost 95 percent of newly published pages don’t get to page 1 within a year. And for the remaining ~5 percent of pages , it takes anywhere between 2–6 months.

2. Create High-Quality Content and Promote Desperately

There is a term getting increasingly popular these days called Skyscraper post. Sometimes, its becomes necessary to write posts for search engines than users and then heavy promotion do the remaining job. Though writing post aiming is users is considered good however such skyscraper posts can help boost your search rankings yet still following Google approved techniques.

3. Write for the Search Engines (But not the way you are thinking right now)

Normally, the Content that’s written for traffic and rankings is different than content that’s intended to get a lot of traction across social media. The content strategy should be made so that you consider these different types on content.

Now, How to create Search engine oriented content?  

Lol! You have world around you. Just have a look at what’s currently ranking, get inspiration and write much better content. 

4. Do Topic Research, Invent innovative technique and Please! Don’t read those Old-School Keyword Research techniques

With search Engines getting smarter day by day, the content has to be relevant rather than being just a stuffed keyword burger. No worries, just follow following process and you will end up doing much better!


  1. Download all of the keywords you are ranking for from the Google Search Console.
  2. Sort that keyword list by their rankings. This will help find keywords that you are ranking for in top positions with little to no backlinks.
  3. Take those keywords and run them through Ahrefs.
  4. With that data, You can find the average Keyword Difficulty (KD) of those keywords.

From above process you can find topics and keywords with almost same keyword difficulty, and you will be able to rank quite high and very quickly without many backlinks.

5. Rejuvenate Your Old Content

Some of the older content forms the backbone of your site’s traffic. You can just re-edit these posts and may be you can get boost in ranking.

6. Test run for improved CTR

Check which changes are turning you visitors to click and be your customer. And just repeat them to get more clicks.

SEO is an eternal monster!

Content Optimization has always been in trend and will always be. Old book methods have lost their essence but certain methods that focus on “how search engines works” are still relevant.

Remember, change and adaptation is the key to success. SEO can’t be obsolete but certain SEO strategies can be. In past we have seen many practices we used to know and love are obsolete now.

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