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Best free business listing sites India

A list of top 100 free business listing sites

What is free Business Listing Sites?

Business listing is an online account that contains your service Name, Address and also Phone number (NAP) as well as some other details. There are many Business Directory Sites like Google Business Listing, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and Justdial etc. where local businesses can create free Local Business listings in India and also produce web traffic & customers to their company.

A recent survey, shows the kind of content buyers are looking for depending on best free business listing sites in India :

Buyers looking from their mobile phones:

  • 54% are looking for company hours
  • 53% are looking for directions
  • 50% are trying to find Local shop addresses

Buyers searching for their desktop PC or tablet:

  • 45% are trying to find product accessibility
  • 42% are searching for Business hours
  • 38% are seeking local shop addresses

Having an accurate as well as up-to-date listing is necessary for converting online visitors into clients.

Local Business Listing Sites is a useful means to obtain discovered by your consumers in your Local Area. Most people look needs to need Business visibility, so having your business listed in these kinds of listings can get your Business. So If you haven’t begun listing of these internet sites, I suggest you do that instantly that will assist you over time.

The relevance of Free Business Listing Sites in India in SEO

Free Business Listings Sites in India has lots of benefits to a Local Business. Below are some of the advantages detailed of Local Listing in improving your Business search engine optimisation initiatives:

# 1 Free Advertising And Marketing Your Business 24 × 7.

Well, much listing you will undoubtedly do, people can locate you 24 × 7 with Google search or by looking at Local Business Listing Sites you have registered with. As well as the very best part of this type of listing is, you don’t require a company internet site to sign up. They will reveal your company to individuals right when they are looking for info related to your company. So get your service advertised free of charge.

# 2 Assistance to Enhance Brand Name Recognition.

Imagine people are looking for info related to your business online, and also they locate you listed almost everywhere, they check your testimonials, photos, service/product and so on. Currently, this will develop a brand picture of your service, as they see your company almost everywhere for their question. So Yes local directory site listing will undoubtedly enhance your brand name picture & win the trust fund and dependability of your consumers.

# 3 Boost Your SEO Initiatives.

Detailing your Business on these directory sites, enables you to provide your web site URL (usually a web page), by doing this you can have incoming backlinks, which help your Search Engine Optimisation initiatives as well as boost your internet search engine rankings as well as high ranking means much more service. Likewise, as mobile search is increasing every day & most of the searches on mobile have local intent so listing on these sites aid you drive Business with mobile devices.

# 4 Boost in Local Presence with Detail Info.

Now, as people can see your workplace address, map location, business timing & phone number online; it helps them reach you really quickly. They can call or drive straight to your shop.

# 5 Good Reviews Indicates More Customers.

Most of the listing web site has a testimonial system where people can examine your Business online. So if consumers are happy with your product or service, they will likely give a testimonial and also this will certainly gain much more count on when various other consumers find the review handy.

Tips For Enhancing Your Business Listings Sites.

# 1 Keep your NAP Updated.

NAP represents Name, Address and also Phone No. Keep your Business name, business address and also Phone no regular throughout the all listing, both on your internet site as well as on other Local Business Listings Sites. If Google and also the various other online search engine discover consistent NAP information across the listing site, it gives them recognition that you are a legit & trustworthy service and also this will enhance your position.

# 2 Request for Reviews & Bad Evaluation can be Excellent.

Most of the Listing websites enable clients to review your company, ask your consumers for reviews on listing sites, and this will provide you with an upper-hand over your competitors. Excellent reviews, always aid in increasing consumer count on your business. And once again way too many bad testimonials can hurt your company. So, if a customer offers you a negative testimony, and also you feel testimonials are genuine, then attempt to enhance your service/product otherwise only apologies pleasantly & thanks a client for feedback.

# 3 Supply Images, Video & Workplace Hours.

Always post your product/service & inside office top-notch images/video including your workplace timing on Business Directory Sites, as Free Business Listing Sites in India with lots of pictures & video clips concerning their company gets more web traffic than their rivals. With photos & video clips, the consumer can find out more about your business as well as this will cause a rise in a useful telephone call or store checkouts.

Updated Listing of 45+ Local Business Listing Sites 2020 You Must Try (Free & Paid).
Better Business Bureau
Angie’s List
Merchant Circle
My Huckleberry
Map Creator
Judy’s Book
Business Local Pages


Now, as you understand the most elements of Free Business Listing Sites in India & exactly how vital it can be for your local business, regional organization listing always drives high-grade customers to your company and also maximizing listing can generate very fruitful results for your business in the long run. I have shared with 42+ Business Directory sites where you can listed on as well as obtain some back links to enhance your SEO efforts and get even more consumers.

So if you have not declared your listings do it NOW before a rival takes over. If you locate this article helpfully, do comment and share or if you have any type of question, do let me recognize.

Our Process– Exactly How we do Regional Citation:

  • Send your service 100% By hand.
  • No Match Citations
  • We make use of premium VPN
  • Include pictures with image alt tag making use of targeted keywords
  • Always make a certain premium job.
  • Provide Excellent Record With All Required Details


SEO in 2021 – Yes or No?

Google keeps updating its algorithms for better search engine results, to present the high-quality content which focuses the reader’s intention and relevancy. Google offers the tools and required assistance, everything to optimize its result. Hence, no matter what happens SEO will be always required. It will be useful and valuable for a very long time. Let us count the number reasons for why SEO is still relevant in 2021.

SEO in 2021: People’s will keep browsing through Google

People search on Google and it is essential to get listed in their results. Google processes 4.5 billion of searches each day and more than 50,000 queries every second. According to the best SEO Company in India out of these queries, chances are a few searches can be related to your business product or services. SEO increases your chances of converting such queries into your the possible customers. This may require time and obviously efforts, using techniques approved by Google.

SEO in 2021: Content is completely shouldered on Google

Any content is not successful until it gets properly channelled through SEO. High-quality content may not require days but it indeed requires hours. The efforts and time both gets wasted if your written content fails to rank in the search engine results. SEO in 2021 ensures that your content is reachable and easily searched, gets recognized, and most likely gets the traffic. After a visitor notices the useful piece of information on search results, they would go through other content and will come back again for more stuff. And if you are selling something, this naturally means better sales and loyal traffic to your high quality content.

Keywords are still relevant

Keyword stuffing is the most widely misused and unethical way of SEO in 2021. Google has lately curbed this in favour of the most relevant and long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords are question-based keywords that are specific to your audience. Using such keywords ensure that the audience you drive on your website is the qualitative traffic that can help you in conversion. They are the genuine buyers of your services who are truly interested in your offerings. To learn SEO Skype us at live:vishyat or click here to whatsapp.

You can optimize your site and drive the genuine audience using the following tips:

  • Use tools and know what are the relevant keywords
  • Look for phrases and questions that your targeted audience may ask if you had a physical store
  • Incorporate the keywords in a natural reader-friendly way
  • Cover meta-title, meta-description, page title, header and body with keywords
  • Use Google Keyword Planner and find the right and the most search long-tail keywords

Therefore, before you choose the Search Engine Optimization Services in Chandigarh, ensure that the team you hire covers all the aspects of optimization.

What happens if you say No to SEO?

Various online business have this false belief that quality content is all that can help in ranking better on Google. The reality is, without continuous SEO efforts, you are risking and taking away your business from the top-ranking results. Obviously, You are letting your competitors to jump at the chance to outrank you. Your website may be well-designed, but no one reaches it without optimization. Its like building a high rise apartment without any lift. Therefore, it is important to

partner with the best SEO Company in Chandigarh and align your business with the Google search results.

Going All-in on Link Building

Link building is very important and quality links act a one of the top ranking factors on Google. In the past, you could do well by building as many links as possible to your site but that’s not true these days.

The quality and relevance of your links matter way more than sheer quantity, and spamming the links can be just a waste of time and efforts.

Obsessing Over the Number One Spot

Everyone is so much obsessed with the number one spot on Google. Ironically, Ranking number one on certain keywords may not ensure high traffic.

Click through Rate-More relevant today

Today’s search results are full of ads and question boxes. So, ranking number one still means your site might be at risk of ranking down. As a result, modern intelligent web surfers like you  know that they need to scroll a little to get to the organic stuff. Keeping this in mind, your focus should be on getting as much click-through rate instead of obsessing about the number one position.

Your click-through rate can be optimized via impeccable meta description and good headlines. If there’s a featured snippet box ranking above you try to improve the structure of your content and directly answer the question posed in the search term; this will increase the likelihood of your content being chosen for the featured snippet box.

Do you want to learn more?

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The Search Engine Optimization Services in Chandigarh are affordable and ensure best SEO services in Chandigarh at your reach. From strategy-making to report-checking, the best SEO Company in India route your business where you invite more visitor and can hope for conversion.

6 SEO Tactics in 2008 and still trending in 2021

SEO is a never ending and continuously changing process. Over the years we have seen so many changes in Google algorithms and certain people started believing that with so much volatile ranking patterns, SEO has become somehow obsolete. And you don’t need to be Neil Patel or Brian to understand that. Just this list will clear some air and vent out such negative thoughts about SEO.

1. SEO in 2021- A Long-Term Game

SEO is not just about getting good rankings and ratings for a short time or the time being. It has always been a long-term thing, but today the competition and website crowd is so high that timeline seems to stretch even farther. By every passing year, It seems that rankings, and traffic from rankings, are taking much long time to show desired results. Domain Authority plays an important and deciding role in this. If you closely study any keyword result trends you’ll notice the rankings tend to be dominated by authority sites. Google believe these sites as a trusted source of information and hence it rates these sites high in ranking.  According to a study by Ahref, almost 95 percent of newly published pages don’t get to page 1 within a year. And for the remaining ~5 percent of pages , it takes anywhere between 2–6 months.

2. Create High-Quality Content and Promote Desperately

There is a term getting increasingly popular these days called Skyscraper post. Sometimes, its becomes necessary to write posts for search engines than users and then heavy promotion do the remaining job. Though writing post aiming is users is considered good however such skyscraper posts can help boost your search rankings yet still following Google approved techniques.

3. Write for the Search Engines (But not the way you are thinking right now)

Normally, the Content that’s written for traffic and rankings is different than content that’s intended to get a lot of traction across social media. The content strategy should be made so that you consider these different types on content.

Now, How to create Search engine oriented content?  

Lol! You have world around you. Just have a look at what’s currently ranking, get inspiration and write much better content. 

4. Do Topic Research, Invent innovative technique and Please! Don’t read those Old-School Keyword Research techniques

With search Engines getting smarter day by day, the content has to be relevant rather than being just a stuffed keyword burger. No worries, just follow following process and you will end up doing much better!


  1. Download all of the keywords you are ranking for from the Google Search Console.
  2. Sort that keyword list by their rankings. This will help find keywords that you are ranking for in top positions with little to no backlinks.
  3. Take those keywords and run them through Ahrefs.
  4. With that data, You can find the average Keyword Difficulty (KD) of those keywords.

From above process you can find topics and keywords with almost same keyword difficulty, and you will be able to rank quite high and very quickly without many backlinks.

5. Rejuvenate Your Old Content

Some of the older content forms the backbone of your site’s traffic. You can just re-edit these posts and may be you can get boost in ranking.

6. Test run for improved CTR

Check which changes are turning you visitors to click and be your customer. And just repeat them to get more clicks.

SEO is an eternal monster!

Content Optimization has always been in trend and will always be. Old book methods have lost their essence but certain methods that focus on “how search engines works” are still relevant.

Remember, change and adaptation is the key to success. SEO can’t be obsolete but certain SEO strategies can be. In past we have seen many practices we used to know and love are obsolete now.

Wanna learn more SEO techniques, then click here or reach us at

Got any good SEO hacks that have been innovatively testing? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!