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Web Analysis to keep you ahead

  • Get a detailed summary of your site rankings.
  • MeasureCTR, Ad income and ROI regularly
  • Have your web site monitored continuously.
  • Maintain your Alexa rank and keyword rank.


At Vishyat Technologies, we prepare monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports that summarizes number of users, from where your most users are, which browser they use, which devices they work on, what pages they visit and at what time you get most visitors. This includes most online activities for the client, and also enlists the link popularity and rankings of your website. This detailed report enables to keep a track of the progress of your website over a period of time. And this acts as a testimony of our endless efforts we put on getting you up. You will also be able to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) and our reports will help you analyse with important information. We monitor your website continuously for you.



After developing a website, the next thing is to get it promoted.  The principle motive is to elaborate the business approach and this can be accomplished if you are able to maintain a track of the site visitors.

Experts at Vishyat Technologies believe that with web analytics services one can keep track of site visitors. This helps in understanding what’s the attention getting content and pages. And this helps in understanding what your users are actually looking for, how many of them are new or repeating users.



For example, Assume Aarav visits a D-Mart store and comes out without buying anything. Now, The Store guy manager is not aware of what Aarav actually wanted. Just in case, Aarav had purchased a perfume, then he must have known what he wanted.

Same is the scenario with Ecommerce or any other websites. Web Analytics help in getting the location of an online user, whether you most users visit desktop or mobile sites, which operating system they use and many more things.



With web analytics, at Vishyat Technologies, offer you with the ability to track your user traffic details. We keep an in depth document on the visitors coming for your internet site and let you view it simultaneously. The analysis of the site visitors helps you to and our group to work on the weak areas to provide you a higher deal in attaining the top degree. The assessment chart in the course of web analysis will make you pick out the place which yields maximum traffic.



If in the course of a take a look at, your monitoring facts presentations that 70% of the traffic go away your website without clicking or shopping for whatever, you want take into account that the visitors isn’t being targeted in the proper vicinity. an excessive amount of cluttering on your homepage can also be a cause to this data. There can be such a lot of reasons which might be making the site visitors leave your homepage without buying or clicking whatever.


Our professional team deeply work on web analytics and will assist you in rectifying the negative effect of your homepage and target the keywords in the correct manner. This system will help you to create a strong impression a few of the traffic and grow your emblem price in a high-quality way.

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