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Vishyat Technologies –Your SEO reseller partner.

  • Trusted by many SEO companies across Canada, US, UK, UAE, Singapore and Australia.
  • For US clients, we use US-English and writers with good understanding of US culture for SEO content. 
  • Competitive pricing.

Vishyat Technologies has been forming partnerships with several Digital Marketing Companies in Canada, US, Australia, and U.K. Some of them are pure web design Companies who outsource their SEO related tasks to us. Some are pure play PPC companies looking to offer SEO services to their clients while others are SEO companies who are overburdened with projects and don’t have enough bandwidth to manage everything in house. Either way our SEO Outsource service has been a perfect solution for our foreign clients and our foreign SEO partners.

We are looking forward to continuing to expand our base of SEO Outsource partners and foreign clients. Our partners have benefited from our Outsourced SEO services.



1. Quality of work

Work style can be defined on basically two types…hard work and smart work. We value our and our clients time and efforts. And that’s why we dedicate our time on smart SEO techniques and hard work is obviously needed to outrank others in the competition. And when it comes to our SEO Outsource partners, we keep their reputation intact complying with the terms of Service Level Agreement.


2. Competitive prices, even within India

Naturally the USD to INR conversion has been the big factor why India is cost-effective to outsource to. Vishyat Technologies offer some of the most competitive Outsource SEO prices even if Indian market is taken into consideration. And there has been never a compromise on the quality of service as most of our clients are through referral and we have strong belief in word of mouth. Our priority is to hire the best resources and still keeping other overheads lower and that’s how we are able to pass the cost advantage to our clients.

3. Quick mobilization of resources

Our proactive networking skills, Business development Executive and Dynamic HR department ensure that we maintain good relations within the industry. Even if our existing resources get overburdened, new hiring is done quickly to get started on the projects. We can also outsource our dedicated SEO Analysts to manage your Outsource SEO projects completely lowering your operational costs and increasing your bottom line.

4.Timely Delivery of Targets

All weekly and monthly reports and updates are delivered on time and on defined schedule n frequency.

5. White Label SEO

All SEO reports are white labelled, so they can be straightway forwarded to the end client.

6. Confidentiality

We believe in keeping our clients secrets and all the partner information is kept absolutely confidential.


If you want to outsource work to us or find out more about our SEO reseller services, please click here.

PPC and SEO Reseller Program

Our SEO reseller program or SEO outsource services can give more profits to you if the work is outsourced in bulk. We have an attractive reseller pricing model for bulk outsourcing, so don't forget to ask when you contact us.

SEO Reseller Reviews

We have very satisfied SEO outsourcing clients who can proudly recommend our SEO reseller program. Testimonials, reviews and references are confidential and subject to clients confirmation on revealing their identities.

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